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Shop Strategies: Improving Processes Every Day Helps KS Shop Stay Accountable

Improving Processes Every Day Helps KS Shop Stay Accountable

All Angles Collision Repair's new east location in Wichita, Kansas.

In September, All Angles Collision Repair will celebrate its 11th anniversary.

Established in 2005, the Wichita-based business originally started with one body shop and expanded to a second location in 2015. General manager Ken Hunnell said the company prides itself on excellent customer service. All Angles employs I-CAR-certified technicians and has more than 20 workstations to handle a large volume of repairs. Autobody News talked to Hunnell, who is a partner in the business with primary owner Steve Austin, about the award-winning company and what makes it successful.

Q: What is the primary area of focus at All Angles and how was the shop named?

A: Our focus is our customers—that includes internal customers (employees, insurance partners and vendors) and external customers (insurance companies, vehicle owners and fleets). Unfortunately, I don’t have a great story about how the shop was named. A previous partner in the business wanted a name that started with an A for the alphabetical listings and came up with All Angles Collision Repair.
Q: All Angles was officially certified by Assured Performance in December 2015. What are the benefits of being an Assured Performance certified shop?

A: There are required tools, training and inspection from Assured Performance.  We were the first independent shop in our market to be certified by GM, Fiat Chrysler, Nissan and Hyundai and currently the only non-dealer shop to be Ford certified (including F-150) in the Wichita metro area. The future of auto body repair is OEM certifications and it is a clear advantage for our customers to choose All Angles.

Improving Its Processes Every Day Helps Kansas Shop Stay Accountable to Customers

The open lay out of the east location allows for more flexibility in the shop


Q: Congratulations on being voted one of Wichita's best in auto body repair. Why do you think consumers choose your shop for this honor and what best practices do you employ in the shop?

A: We were voted best shop in 2011 and one of the favorites in 2013, 2014 and 2015. (They didn’t have the auto body category in 2012.) There are no ballots sent out; instead, it requires people to log in or send in a ballot. We are blessed to have a very loyal customer base and a great reputation for taking good care of people.  

We are working on improving our processes every day. One thing that has helped us is holding ourselves to a higher standard for our customers—they trust us as professionals to fix what is likely their second-largest investment. We owe it to them to do our best every time.
Q: What are some of the benefits/challenges of running two locations?

A: The biggest benefit is that it forced us to establish processes. Shortly after our east location opened, we “burned the ships” and sold out to lean production. It wasn’t easy, but we have a great team that worked their tails off to change the way we repaired cars. We will never go back to the old, slow way of supplements and waiting. It’s hard to believe how inefficient we used to be, but that was normal and we had to get comfortable being uncomfortable with change and improving.  

Staffing has been a challenge, but we now have a process that is better-suited for our new team members to succeed. This has also led us to improve our hiring process, and we are now getting and keeping better candidates.  Every challenge and obstacle we have faced has only made us better. We are fortunate to have great teammates and positive momentum.


Improving Its Processes Every Day Helps Kansas Shop Stay Accountable to Customers

The east location’s paint prep stations and 30-foot paint booth

Q: Is there anything else you would like to share with readers about the industry and your shop?

A: This is a great industry and we have the best team around. Our team has the courage to challenge business as usual and look for a better way to improve our service for our customers.  We are focused on breaking down the communication walls that slow most shops down. We won’t accept mediocrity because it isn’t good enough for our customers.

For more information about All Angles Collision Repair, call (316) 267-7491 or (316) 201-4300.

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