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Thursday, 02 June 2016 16:47

Refinish Distributors Alliance Holds May Membership Meeting

Refinish Distributors Alliance (RDA) held their monthly membership meeting May 16–18 at the Hilton Inn at the Ballpark, St. Louis Missouri.

Segments were held at the Administrative Offices in Bush Stadium Baseball Park.

The three days included speakers and interactive presentations.  In keeping with the baseball theme, RDA had Jim “The Rookie” Morris present on his journey to the Big Show at the age of 35 and how he finally fulfilled his childhood dream.

John Mozeliak, vice president and general manager of the Cardinals, closed out the first day's meetings by answering questions from members and manufacturers before the group moved to a luxury suite for a reception and dinner to watch a game between the St. Louis Cardinals and Colorado Rockies.  

RDA executive director Robert McKenzie Jr. said, "We appreciate the support of our members and manufacturers. We are privileged to have them attend our meetings and will continue to find ways to elevate the content so we provide relevant information and takeaways that everyone can implement and will make a difference for them personally and in their businesses."

RDA has 19 members, representing over 200 locations and servicing over 4,000 collision centers throughout the United States. For more information on RDA/IMPACT, visit www.rda-impact.com.