Tuesday, 24 May 2016 19:09

Symach Announces new FixLine System for Erie-LaSalle Body Shop in Chicago

Erie-LaSalle Body Shop

Symach specializes in building automated body shops around the world using a new repair process called FixLine.


In May, Bob, Jim and Jay Gottfred, principals at Erie-LaSalle Body Shops, announced the addition of a third Chicago location. Erie-LaSalle is a family-owned and operated multi-shop repair center that was founded in 1934.

Erie-LaSalle’s new facility is located in the River West neighborhood of downtown Chicago. It will the first shop in the United States to employ the Symach European repair process. The company said that this process integrates precise scheduling, repair planning, state-of-the-art repair and refinish procedures enhanced by patented gas catalytic [Drytoronic] robotic drying.

The 12,000-square-foot shop estimates producing 65 vehicles per week, all of which will be fully automated with the Symach FixLine system. The system includes a conveyer-type production process and five robots. According to Symach, "These robots drastically reduce drying times of all substrates, body filler, primer, paint and clear, guaranteeing rapid cycle delivery time and a flawless finish."

In addition to the FixLine system, a dedicated ‘FixStation’ will be employed to complete three to five smaller express repairs per day. This can provide customers with one-day service for a process that may take three to four days in conventional body shops.

Symach specializes in building automated body shops around the world using a new repair process called FixLine.

"This is the first body shop we are implementing in the U.S. market," stated Osvaldo Bergaglio, CEO of Symach. "I have personally projected the shop considering efficiency, quality, volume of production and aesthetic design. My international team will install and conduct training for the staff and managers of the new shop, guaranteeing success for Bob, Jim and Jay."

"We have always prided ourselves on being a leader in technology within our industry," said Bob. "When we decided to open another repair facility, we wanted to offer our clients and insurance repair partners something better-something no one else had offered, providing the very finest in service, speed, and accuracy. We feel that our employees and customers deserve the very best. We have dedicated ourselves to invest more in order to give more."

For more information, contact info@symach.com or visit www.symach.com.