Monday, 11 April 2016 21:15

Grant Available For MN Shops Interested in Reducing VOC Emissions

Minnesota Pollution Control agency

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) come from industrial and commercial processes all around us. You may recognize them as the solvent-like fumes coming from materials like coatings, inks, solvents, adhesives, gasoline, and other chemicals used in everyday commerce. VOCs can be reduced by making changes to manufacturing processes and heating equipment, and through facility-wide opportunities such as purchasing safer products. 

Reducing VOCs can have positive health impacts on employees and the general population. The reductions can help:

  • Save money by reducing regulatory fees
  • Create healthier air for employees and the community
  • Make shops smells better
  • Produce less PPE


Reducing VOC emissions from your business


Where's the money?
Grants will soon become available to help Minnesota small-businesses interested in reducing emissions of VOCs throughout their facilities. Click here to read about how Wayne's Auto Body in Hastings, MN used their awarded grant of $25,000 to change their business.


reducing voc emissions from your business


Auto body shops can reduce VOCs by:

  • Switching to waterborne or powder coating paint system
  • Replacing spray guns, cleaning equipment, etc. with equipment that has better transfer efficiency (e.g., electrostatic guns)
  • Installing equipment for recycling petroleum-based solvents and parts cleaners
  • Working with suppliers to purchase alternative solvents
  • Considering purchasing efficient vehicles for business fleet
  • Evaluating energy efficiency options (e.g., electronics, lighting, heating/cooling systems)
  • Reducing vehicle miles traveled by using public transit or other alternative commuting options

For more information and to apply for the VOC grant, click here. Applications are due by May 16, 2016.