Monday, 15 February 2016 10:23

UPDATE Iowa's 'Roadside Birth' Couple Has Healthy Baby Boy, Return to Body Shop

Roadside Birth Baby

Photo: KWWL

As the sun came up over Highway 20 on the morning of Feb. 11, a new life was born...also on the highway.

An Iowa Falls couple was on their way to the hospital, but their little guy just couldn't wait.

Taryn Naill delivered her own baby while her boyfriend drove, and eventually pulled over to Iowa Auto Rebuilders to wait for paramedics.

24 hours later, Tyler Hall and Taryn Naill returned to the same shop, this time to express their gratitude to the crew for letting them use their parking lot, and to introduce them to the shops youngest-ever visitor, baby Tylyn Clay.

"You know, I never expected this to ever happen in our parking lot, and I don't think it will again, but who knows, we're always here to help!" said Dick Merron with Iowa Auto Rebuilders.

"I was thinking, please don't let us be that person to have a baby in the car, but sure enough, we did," said Tyler Hall, laughing.

Of course the fast and furious delivery wasn't planned, the couple had everything set up with a midwife at the hospital.

But Taryn and Tylyn are healthy, and that's what's important.

"We're going to go home and rest I suppose, and introduce Tylyn to the cats," said Taryn Naill.

Naill says riding in the car will always be different now, and that's not such a bad thing.

Thank you KWWL for reprint permission.