Friday, 15 January 2016 18:24

WI Snow Storm Provides A Change of Pace for Auto Body Shops

Auto repair shops have their hands full fixing cars that were dinged up during Dec. 30 snowstorms.

It’s a big change of pace from early December, when shops were more quiet than normal.

“There wasn’t a lot of need for people to come through because there weren’t the winter conditions out there,” said Joe Tellijohn, manager of Auto Aces.

Now they’re busy making repairs and upgrading tires.

Tellijohn: “Probably upwards of 50, 60 cars just related to the snowfall.”

Michelle Clemens: “And what’s normal?”

Tellijohn: “Normal, we’d like to see 15 to 20 cars.”

Small repairs are keeping his staff busy.

“Everybod is here as soon as we open and then until we close,” Tellijohn said. “There’s no shifts right now. It’s just everybody here and we work until we’re done.”

“Simple things like wheels are getting packed with snow and kind of giving issues with vibration and stuff like that.”

And it might be a good time to get service before the next storm hits.

“If you haven’t kept your vehicle up, that’s the time that things are going to break,” said Mike Borlee, owner of Mike’s Service Center.

Thank you to Michelle Clemens and wbay.com for permission to reprint this article.