Thursday, 12 November 2015 15:05

Duluth Auto Body and Insurance Executives in MN See Uptick in Deer Collisions

Fall is the time of year when many Northlanders are getting out their guns or bows in hopes of harvesting a deer, but there's another way people are killing the animal.

According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety there were 1,912 deer–vehicle collisions in the state in 2014.

"You're driving along and they just pop out in front of you," said Nathanael Bailey, Production Manager at Arrowhead Auto Body.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety says the autumn months are the peak time for deer–vehicle crashes.

Bailey says they are already seeing the end product.

"I think right now we probably have four cars here that have hit deer, and it can vary. We can come in on a Monday morning and have three or four or five cars that have been towed in over the weekend," he said.

Last year, 247 people were injured in these collisions and one killed in Minnesota.

If and when you find yourself facing the decision to hit the deer or swerve, your insurance agent will always tell you it's better to hit the deer.

"If you willingly swerve your vehicle to miss the deer and you hit the tree, that's a physical upset, meaning a collision loss and the collision loss will be a chargeable accident on your driving record," said Paul Johnsen, Account Executive at Otis-Magie Insurance in Duluth.

Last year in St. Louis County there were 60 deer collisions, but the county that had the most accidents was Dakota County with 146 collisions.

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