Monday, 19 October 2015 14:07

Owner of Three-C Body Shop Invites Barrett Smith of ADE to OH for Coaching-Consulting Services

Three-C Body Shop’s owner and President Bob Juniper announced that Barrett Smith, founder and President of Auto Damage Experts, Inc. (ADE) has been engaged to conduct on-site coaching/consulting with Three C’s staff.

“Over the years we have and continue to generate tens of thousands of dollars in profits by employing suggestions shared through Barrett’s e-mail distribution lists” stated Juniper. “We’ve communicated with each other for over a decade and I finally had the opportunity to meet Barrett personally at one of the seminars he put on with Ray Gunder and attorney Brent Geohagan in Central Florida several years ago. I’ve been trying to get Barrett to come to Columbus ever since.”

“Bob is a very forward thinking and successful businessman and has been extremely effective in developing and implementing advanced industry programs such as his Three C ‘Pink Button App,’ said Smith. “Three C has undergone phenomenal growth and ongoing enhancements since his taking over the family business, which was founded by his father in 1956.”

He added that Bob is well known and regarded by many for his strong pro-consumerism and his “in-your face” marketing efforts, which have earned him the reputation of being a rebel by many and a respected innovator by others.

“Bob’s success is in his not being afraid to think outside-the-box and to take chances. I’m looking forward to offering my insights to help improve processes to increase sales, bottom-line profitability and their customers’ repair experience wherever possible. “ADE’s Consulting-Coaching Services differ from most others in that we don’t merely concentrate on standard offerings such a KPI’s, reduction in cycle-times, increase in production and ‘how to do more faster and for less.’ Our efforts are to edify, educate, encourage and empower repairers to step up and out-of-that-box that has been built around them and learn to be innovative in their thinking and do what they do best and for the shop and their technical staff to be properly compensated for their efforts.”

For information on Auto Damage Experts, visit http://www.AutoDamageExperts.com/. For information on ADE Coaching-Consulting, call Smith at (813) 657-6705. For information on Three C Body Shops visit https://ThreeCBodyshop.com/ and www.ThreeCbodyshop.TV