Monday, 29 June 2015 14:07

A Former Homeless Family in Menomonee Falls, WI Receives Newly Refurbished Car

A former homeless family of five received a newly refurbished vehicle from 1Collision County Line and MetLife Auto & Home through the National Auto Body Recycled Rides program. The keys to the 2006 Honda CRV were presented to the family on Friday June 5th at 1Collision County Line’s facility at N96W14555 County Line Rd in Menomonee Falls. The event was attended by about 30 people including leaders in the community, local newspapers as well as Milwaukee ABC affiliate WISN12 News.


(Top Row from left to right) Larry Chlewin, Jim Keller, Chantal Mackasm, (bottom row from left to right) Michael Roth, Kyrie Carter, Austin Roth, Dakota Roth, LeeAnn Pietri, Kathleen Fisher, Cheyenne Roth stand next to their newly refurbished Honda CRV. The once homeless family received the vehicle with the help of 1Collsion County Line, MetLife Home and Auto and Family Promise of Washington County.

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LeeAnn Petri, her fiancée Michael Roth and their three children were a hard-working middle-class family whose lives were turned upside down when they became homeless and spent time living on campgrounds. In October of 2014, the family received help from Family Promise of Washington County, providing shelter and support to the family for ten weeks until they were able to move into their own home in Hartford, WI. The family however, was still in need of a reliable car.

The Recycled Rides program is a nationwide community service project by the National Auto Body Council in which collision repair companies and insurers collaborate to repair and donate recycled vehicles to families and service organizations in need. Family Promise of Washington County teamed up with Recycled Rides and 1Collision County Line to help provide this vehicle to the family.

“This family is a great example of the effort it takes to recover from homelessness and return to stable housing”, said Kathleen Christenson Fisher, Executive Director of Family Promise.

“Reliable transportation is something many of us take for granted but for families who do not have this luxury, it can be a daily challenge” said Jim Keller Jr from 1Collision County Line. “We are proud to partner with MetLife Auto & Home to ease this burden for this deserving family.”

MetLife Auto & Home donated the 2006 Honda CRV which was refurbished by 1Collision County Line team members who volunteered their time to repair the vehicle. Vehicle parts were also donated by 1Collision County Line, Nik’s Auto Parts, David Hobbs Honda, Rhine Auto, Premier Auto Glass, and American Imports.