Wednesday, 11 February 2015 16:00

ASA-IN Holds First Official Meeting of 2015

On January 20, the newly formed ASA-IN held their first meeting of 2015 at Ivy Tech College in Evansville, IN. With 75 owners, managers, service advisors and technicians in attendance, organizers Vernie Menke and Mike Keown praise the meeting’s success. “It went great, and we had a great turnout. Everyone was excited about how things with the association are going. Attendees were very involved, and there was a lot of sharing.”

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Mike Keown, sales consultant for Jasper Engines (left) and Zack Bawel, president of Jasper Engines (center) speak during ASA-IN's first meeting.


As the meeting began, attendees were split into two rooms; one room held owners, managers and service advisors, while the technicians occupied the other room. Both groups were served a meal, sponsored by Jasper Engines and Transmissions, as they engaged in roundtable discussions. The owners’ roundtable discussion about the willingness to change in order to move forward was led by Zach Bawel, President of Jasper Engines, and Mike Keown, sales consultant for Jasper Engines. Menke says Keown “has done a huge part in helping us get this chapter started and deserves a lot of credit.”

After the hour-long roundtable discussions, both groups reunited in one room for computer programming training which was led by Brad Boeglin, leader of new product development for Jasper Engines. Boeglin showed a training video and also brought computers and programmers to demonstrate computer programming on the overhead screen.

Brad Boeglin, leader of new product development for Jasper Engines, presents a slide show on computer programming.


In between ASA-IN’s first meeting in 2014 and their January 20th meeting, the association formed a leadership team to discuss how to move forward. During the roundtable discussions, both groups created and prioritized lists of desired training so the association could determine the type of beneficial education to provide members going forward. ASA-IN’s next meeting has been scheduled for April 14, and the owners’ roundtable discussion will focus on financial information and how to become more profitable. The technicians will attend a one-hour class on Lab Scope, followed by a two-hour auto lab with on-vehicle live training. The association also hopes to begin the Board of Directors election process at their next meeting.

ASA-IN has decided to postpone their expansion into Northern IN until they’re more organized, but they hope to resume those plans after their April 14th meeting.