Friday, 05 December 2014 16:00

ASA-Midwest Hosts Wage and Hour Audit Seminars

In November, the Automotive Service Association of the Midwest (ASA-Midwest) held seminars for two chapters entitled, “Are YOU Prepared for a Wage and Hour Audit?” (because it is difficult to understand the Federal Wage and Hour Law) and “ASA-Midwest tries to put a bi-annual focus on this issue.”

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Sheri Hamilton, Executive Director of ASA-Midwest, explains, “We try to provide information to ensure that shop owners understand pay structures, who can be paid on salary, how overtime should be calculated, and other matters related to these laws.”

Thousands of businesses are audited yearly, and violations can be an expensive mistake. Rather than assuming that they understand the law, shop owners who attended the association’s Wage and Hour Audit seminars took the step to interpret the law correctly. Susan Wagner of the U.S. Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division taught the seminar and led the discussion that followed.

Hamilton says, “we try to provide the information necessary to keep them out of trouble, but we also explain how the audit process works in case they do get audited. Attendees also had an opportunity to ask questions so that they can better understand their responsibilities as employers.”

Hamilton stated that both meetings were well-attended, informative and successful. The Central MO Chapter held their seminar on November 18 at Bandana’s BBQ in Columbia, MO, and the Lincoln Chapter’s seminar was held on November 25 at the Hy-Vee Club Room in Lincoln, NE. Cost for members was $25 with non-ASA members paying only $30 to attend this informative session.