Thursday, 12 December 2013 14:52

AASP-IL 2013 Owners Summit & Annual Meeting

On Saturday, November 23, AASP-IL held their 2013 Owners Summit and Annual Meeting at Pheasant Run, located at 4051 E. Main St. in St. Charles, IL. Executive Director Michael Lane believes “the meeting went extremely well.”  There were 156 attendees present at the meeting, nearly triple the amount that attended last year’s event. 

In regards to his expectations for the event, Lane notes “we expected to expand the awareness of the collision industry in Illinois on the pervasive issues prevalent in the PartsTrader system and how it is creating a tortuous interference between shops and their suppliers.” As such, Lane believes that the highlight of the event was the presentation given by attorneys John Eaves and Brent Geohagan who spoke about injunctions to stop PartsTrader in MS and FL, in addition to discussing their efforts to seek restitution for short pays by insurers.

Lane believes that association-sponsored events are very important and beneficial to the collision repair industry as a whole; “too many shops think the problems and concerns they are having are limited to their market area. These meetings let shops know they are not alone in this battle to ensure the wellbeing of their shop, and there are answers out there that the industry at-large can rally around… Without these types of meetings, it is difficult to get a unified message out to a large segment of the industry.”

AASP-IL will continue their efforts to support their member shops and the entire industry in 2014 when they host a series of seminars geared toward providing solutions to marketing, estimating, workforce and other key issues to operating a profitable collision repair shop.