Thursday, 24 October 2013 14:58

AASP-IL Opposes State Farm Sand/Buff Policy

The Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of Illinois (AASPI) released a statement declaring its opposition to State Farm Insurance’s new "verbally imposed" policy regarding reimbursement of “wet sand and buff” procedures.

State Farm, according to the AASPI release, has informed a number of shops that it will not pay for “wet sand and buff” on original estimates.

The insurer has not put out a formal, written notice regarding the issue.

AASPI regards the process as a standard in the repair industry to duplicate the original sheen by eliminating orange peel and remove any normal imperfections occurring during the refinish process.

AASPI is encouraging all collision repair businesses in Illinois to request that State Farm document items they are declining to cover under the policy in writing and forward received documents to AASPI.

These correspondences can be sent to issues@aaspi.org.