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Thursday, 12 December 2019 16:37

Indianhead Auto Body Association: A Small Association With Big Personality

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The Indianhead Auto Body Association has existed for 37 years, serving the northwest corner of Wisconsin.

Indianhead is not a large association in size, but the SCRS affiliate has a lot to offer in terms of personality and perspective. Mike Sperry, who currently serves as a board member, said, “The biggest benefit in being an association member is the comradery and the ability to meet on a regular basis. Although we only have around 40 members, our typical meetings range from 40 to 60 attendees, and it’s always a great social evening, in addition to offering training and education at their doorstep. We have a good group that gets along with one another, and our meetings are well attended.”


The association is also an affiliate of the Wisconsin Auto Collision Technicians Association Ltd (WACTAL). Although WACTAL has a large presence in Wisconsin, their core membership is located in the southeast corner of the large state, over 300 miles away from the Indianhead region. WACTAL’s lobbyist monitors legislative concerns in Wisconsin, and Indianhead is happy to collaborate on legislative issues and other industry-related initiatives, such as contributing to local vo-tech educational programs and scholarships. According to Sperry, “We support WACTAL’s efforts and try to work together as much as possible for the best interests of the industry in our state.”


There’s a lot of longevity at Indianhead with two founding members serving on the current board. Association leadership attends national events, such as SEMA, to ensure that they are staying up-to-date on what is happening in the industry. Sperry noted, “Like all associations, we strive to bring fresh ideas to our members to keep things from getting stale. Most of our members drive 45 minutes or more to get to a meeting so there has to be a valid reason to make that effort. We want to mix things up so members recognize the value-added benefit of our training sessions.”


“So much has happened in the past couple years that there’s really no lack of topics to bring to our members,” Sperry continued.

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