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Thursday, 06 June 2019 16:07

Missouri Vehicle Safety Inspection Program Still at Risk

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A press release distributed by an automotive association falsely eluded that the Missouri vehicle safety inspection program was no longer at risk since House Bill 451 did not pass through the Senate this session.

The Midwest Auto Care Alliance (MWACA) and AASP-MO issued a press release clarifying, “Even though Rep J. Eggleston’s House Bill 451 did not make it through the Senate, the same wording was added to other bills which were passed several weeks ago. AASP-MO and the MWACA have worked hard to represent both the industry and consumer in keeping this safety program intact.”


Representatives from MWACA and AASP-MO attended multiple hearings on this legislation and have actively opposed this issue.


The two organizations worked together in unity to maintain the Missouri safety inspection program, said Ron Reiling, executive director of AASP-MO.


“It is still in effect, but is weakened with the ten-year, 150,000-mile exemption,” he added. “We’ve strengthened the automotive service in Missouri by working together.”


Reiling said the Missouri Telecommunications Industry Association (MTIA) and the American Automobile Association (AAA) also helped to bear witness in front of the House and Senate in opposition of the legislation.


“The program still remains at risk from legislation being introduced next session to just go ahead and repeal the program, because we are only inspecting 51 percent of the vehicles,” he said.


Amendments were added to Senate Bill 89 and Senate Bill 147 that would “water down this important safety program,” the release warned. “The newly added amendments on both of these bills exempt vehicles ten years of age or less and with less than 150,000 miles. These bills both passed and currently sit on Missouri Gov. Mike Parson’s desk awaiting his signature to become law.”


MWACA and AASP-MO urge the industry to support Missouri’s vehicle safety inspection program by asking Gov. Parson to refrain from signing these bills which would weaken the program. Updated information on the legislation impacting Missouri’s vehicle safety inspection program can be found at keepmissouriroadssafe.com.


For more information on MWACA, visit mwaca.org. For more information on AASP-MO, visit aasp-mo.org.