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AASP-MO Hosts Leadership and Management Summit

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AASP-MO members experienced Richard Flint at full throttle during the Leadership and Management Summit. AASP-MO members experienced Richard Flint at full throttle during the Leadership and Management Summit.

On Oct. 12, AASP-MO hosted a Leadership and Management Summit titled "A Day with Richard Flint" at Syberg's Dorsett in Maryland Heights, MO. 

Flint brought 30 years of experience in human behavior and development to his two-session seminar. 

According to AASP-MO Executive Director Ron Reiling, the event was "a great success. The attendees experienced Richard Flint at full throttle as he brought his unique style to drive home some awesome ideas, thoughts and processes to help the attendees push their businesses to the next level."

The day's first session was "Six Steps to Embracing Change," and ran from 2--5 p.m. Flint examined removing fear from change and embracing change to lead to great success. 

The six steps are:

1. Challenge any routine that prevents you from moving forward, 

2. Have a clear vision of where you want to go, 

3. Adjustments must be made in a timely fashion, 

4. Don’t keep people with you who don't share a common purpose, agenda, and commitment, 

5.  Gather mental strength to deal with the unexpected and find the pathway to move forward, and 

6. Expect resistance and be prepared to address it.

Flint expressed, "Change is a fact of life and business. The more you resist it, the more you create a self-destructive environment. We resist change because of what the word requires, yet we know we cannot improve without change."

From 5--6 p.m., attendees enjoyed a reception sponsored by Performance Auto Color and AkzoNobel, and session 2, "From Great to Exceptional in Customer Service," was presented from 6--9 p.m. 

During the second session of the event, Flint explained, "It is not about how good or great you think you are at taking care of your customers! It is what the customer feels about the services they receive from your people."

Flint explained how to raise the bar for customer service by examining the elements impacting the delivery of exceptional customer service, discussing what creates the majority of customer disappointment, focusing on why management is afraid to ask employees to step up, and presenting steps to  become exceptional in customer care.

"It takes longer to build something great than it does to destroy it," Flint explained. "Today, if you are not striving to be exceptional, you are creating your own path to self-destruction."

"Flint helped them with dealing with change in all aspects of their businesses," Reiling shared. "That was followed up with how to be exceptional in your customer service and how the expectations  in service have been lowered from where they used to be---what used to be considered good is now great."

AASP-MO's Gateway Collision Chapter will be holding its 2018 Meeting Planning Session at 8:30 a.m. on Nov. 6 at JJ's in St. Charles, MO, to discuss how they will carry on into 2018. Axalta's Mike Schneider will sponsor breakfast at the meeting. 

Reiling noted, "The 2017 meeting format of having meetings in the evening, having sponsors pick the location, and including a social aspect with the meeting was very successful. We [have] averaged between 50 and 60 members at each meeting so far. We'll be looking for sponsors for the six 2018 bi-monthly meetings and agreeing on the format for the year.”

The Gateway Collision Chapter will hold its final meeting of the year on Nov. 8 at Automotive Technology Inc. (ATI) in Fenton, MO, at 6 p.m. with dinner and socializing at 6:30 p.m. Guest speaker Dave Tritz of Don's Auto Body will discuss organization, accountability, processes, office communication, visual aids, scheduling, admin ratio to production, and admin cost as related to percentage of sales. ATI is the meeting sponsor.

The association will be using the meeting to kick off its 2017 Toys for Tots drive, hosted by the Gateway Collision Chapter. Shops interested in participating can contact ATI's Doug Slattery at 636-343-8101 for a collection box. The collection will continue through Dec. 6 when AASP-MO members meet at Syberg's Restaurant for a Christmas social sponsored by Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

Reiling noted, "You do so much more than just fix cars! We would like to make this our BIGGEST Toys for Tots Christmas social." 

For more information on AASP-MO, visit aasp-mo.org.