Friday, 14 April 2017 11:30

IABA BOD Steps Up Following Executive Director's Resignation

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With the start of the New Year, the Indiana Auto Body Association (IABA) was presented with a large challenge: the Association's Executive Director, Tony Passwater, resigned after 12 years in the position.

Doug Martin, President of the IABA, stated, "The Board of Directors is stepping up to make the 'new' IABA stronger and more unified than it has ever been. Tony spent an enormous amount of time getting the association where it is today, and we are grateful for his leadership over those years. That said, we have a long road ahead, but the IABA will continue!"


Over the past two months, the Board of Directors has worked to ensure that the association continues to operate for its members and as an advocate for the collision repair industry nationwide. Now that they have acquired control of the association's website and member's portal, they are learning to utilize the features to plan meetings.


The IABA currently has five chapters established to host meetings in Northwest IN, Indianapolis, Bloomington, Fort Wayne and New Albany. A board member will facilitate the meetings for all of these chapters except Bloomington. The Board of Directors includes Martin, Todd Bonecutter, Bob Jonkman and Debbie Moore.


Martin predicted, "The Board of Directors will run the IABA until we can get enough membership/sponsorship to support an Executive Director. We feel there are a lot of shops out there that will join once they see what our plan is and the value it will offer to them and their businesses. We are working with sponsor jobbers to hand out invitations for each IABA meeting throughout the state. As we grow the membership, we foresee many new training opportunities as sponsors have been extremely helpful during our transition."


Martin added, "We hope that the 'new' IABA will be a place for everyone. We are committed to growing the membership, increasing educational opportunities, raising consumer awareness, increasing sponsorship benefits, and working with other state and national associations for the benefit of the IABA members as well as consumers throughout our state. A very important piece of the IABA's success is our membership and the support we receive from vendors. We need to get more people involved. We encourage everyone to attend the meetings and to let us know what YOU want and expect to get from your membership/sponsorship."


For more information or a schedule of meetings, visit www.iaba.info.