Tuesday, 04 October 2016 10:10

ASA-OH Hosts Successful Networking Event

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On September 13, ASA-OH hosted a networking event at the Graystone Wine Cellar in Columbus, OH.

According to ASA-OH executive director Matt Dougher, these types of association-sponsored events "provide an avenue for shop owners to discuss the important issues of the industry and building a unified industry to better serve the public. The event was well attended and very successful."

During the event, a number of automotive instructors from central OH were present to network and to discuss the importance of recruiting and placing the next generation of technicians in shops. Dougher stated, "We stressed the importance of shop owners getting involved and participating in the schools' advisory committees and assisting with placing students in shops. The event was well-received by the attendees, who appreciated the opportunity to discuss the very important issue of recruiting technicians with each other and instructors. Our shop owners feel it is very important that we continue to build our partnership with area automotive school instructors so that we can assist each other with developing the next generation of automotive technicians."