Wednesday, 27 January 2016 14:53

ASA-Midwest Focused on Giving Back in December

During the month of December, ASA-Midwest changed its focus from training to charitable initiatives in honor of the holidays.

ASA-Midwest initiated its ASA Gives Back campaign in 2014 with chapters from all six Midwest states selecting a local charity to support during the holiday season. Sheri Hamilton, executive director of ASA-Midwest, said, “Our ASA-Midwest Gives Back campaign is a way to help our members give back to their local communities. This is a great way to support those in need and show that the automotive industry can come together for a great cause.”

Six chapters from ASA-Midwest participated in the 2015 ASA Gives Back campaign, including the Des Moines chapter, Springfield chapter and Lawrence/Topeka chapter. The Springfield chapter of ASA-Midwest selected Rare Breed as their local charity to support, and chapter president Dustin Atwood explained, “Rare Breed was selected based on their objective of helping provide clean, safe and sober places for homeless, runaway and at-risk youth in Springfield. We were excited and honored to make a difference in the youths’ lives this holiday season.”

Both the Lawrence/Topeka and Des Moines chapters chose Toys for Tots as their local charities, distributing donation boxes to member shops to gather toys from employees and customers. Danny Fox, president of the Lawrence/Topeka chapter, shared, “Toys for Tots was selected based on their objective of helping less fortunate children experience the joy of Christmas.”

Des Moines chapter president Ron Haugen added, “We were excited and honored to make a difference in children’s lives this holiday season.”

For more information, about ASA-Midwest, call (816) 781-5801 or email www.asa-midwest.org.