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Amaradio DRP Article Elicits Varied Responses

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Let’s do it!

I’ve been following Lee’s articles forever. I was in the insurance industry for some thirty years – from adjuster to upper management. I am now manager of a collision repair facility and I totally agree with his concept and would like to help in any way. The insurance companies would not believe the repair industry is capable of uniting for a common cause.

                                Mike Gero (via e-mail)

Shops need to unite

We have two shops and agree with Lee! What do we do next? Let’s find a way to get the shops to unite. It will take a publication such as yours to start this process!

        James Warden
        Bellwood Auto Body, Bell, California
        South Bay Body Shop, San Pedro, California


Not so fast...

You asked for comments on a “proposed” DRP profile that is “fair” to all. There is no such thing as “fair.” If a business has been spoon fed through the use of DRPs, it has compromised its ability to build its own business and compromised any belief that it may have held about a free market system and has become beholden to its DRP masters for the financial future of it and its employees.

        In Mr. Amaradio’s column he tells how he halted two large DRP relationships and was making more money on their current claims. Give it time and even those claims will disappear. Just as they steered business to him, they will steer it away.

        If the success of his business is based on his remaining seven DRPs, I wish him luck. DRPs have saved billions of dollars for the insurance industry at the expense of the body shops and consumers and are not about to give it up.

        I’m happy to say I have never accepted a DRP status and am proud to be a  free independent shop owner.

      Ted Prohaska, Sr., Dallas, Texas