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Thursday, 05 March 2009 03:09

Amaradio---Keeping Quiet From Now On

Written by Lee Amaradio, Jr.

I want to start out by saying “I’m Sorry” to all of those questionable insurance companies that I have offended by my articles.

    Your message to me has been loud and clear and I am afraid that you may be able to blackball me and put me out of business.
    In my arrogance I thought that I was big enough to make a stand and soon other shops would see what I was doing and follow, but the truth is that few have. Most shop owners like the bullseye on my back but are not willing to step up and change things. You are right, Mr. Insurance Company, you are bigger than me and you are able do considerable damage to my company.
    I realize that I have been mistaken to stand up against you by defending the OEM  repair procedures and to make sure that my customer receives a repair that is completed the way their manufacturer recommended.
    I’m sorry for acting like I know more than you when it comes to the repair process, I will start by repairing high strength steel immediately. I am sorry for voicing my opinion about aftermarket parts and from now on I will keep quiet when you deceive your insureds by telling them that they are the same or better than OEM. I’m sorry for measuring the frame of any vehicle with a measuring system.         

From now on I will promise to use my tram gauge and measuring tape and I will never use a bench with jigs again, no matter what the manufacturer recommends or requires.
    I’m sorry for expecting to get paid for all aspects of the repair process. I must have misunderstood when you told me that you wanted to pay us for what we did.
    I was unaware that you didn’t acknowledge the “P” Pages. Now that I understand that you have the right to pick and choose what part of the database you decide to use things will be much easier. I will buff all cars for free, and as far as block sand and fill, I really don’t know what ever got into me and I promise you will never see something so ridiculous on any of my estimates ever again.
    I will make sure to use things like corrosion protection, weld through primer, and seam sealer at no cost to you.  I’m sorry for itemizing items on my estimates and I will make sure to lump these items together whether I’m BAR compliant or not.
    I promise to remove words like customer choice, quality, and safety from my vocabulary.
    I will promise to keep my mouth shut and recognize that your adjusters are the collision repair experts.
    I promise in the future to repair the vehicles in a way that saves you money and willfully expect to assume the total liability for any repair method that you recommend.
    Please remember my priority will be to make you money and to prove this I will stop all improvements and training. We will focus on your metrics and keeping your cost to a minimum. My profit will always be secondary to yours.
    I’m sorry for taking the extra time on some repairs trying to keep some of your more difficult policyholders happy. I understand that having a happy policyholder is second to cost.
    I’m sorry for this misunderstanding; I thought a happy customer that continued to renew his policy was a feather in our cap.
    I’m sorry for those policyholders that I informed of OEM repair procedures.
    I’m sorry for thinking that I had the right to inform your policyholders with information related to the repair of their vehicles.
    I apologize and in the future MUM is the word.
    Most of all I want to apologize for my arrogance and I want you to know that I have had a change of attitude and I promise that I will agree to anything if you will just send me more cars.  


While there are many good insurers out there that work well within our industry this article is directed to those other insurers and shops that continue to undermine the collision repair process, and continue to go from bad to worse, this article is intended to show how futile their approach really is.