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Wednesday, 02 May 2007 13:35

21st Annual Cowtown Mopars Roundup and Car Corral raises $9,000

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    The end of April marked the 21st annual Cowtown Mopars Roundup and Car Corral held on the grounds of the Huffines dealership in Lewisville, Texas. The event was held in honor of Ronnie Sox, a five-time world champion drag racer who passed away last year. The event was held on the anniversary of his death. All proceeds benefited the Ronnie Sox foundation, which sponsors St. Judes. Sox’s widow Diane runs the organization.
    You know the day is going to be good when you get a surprise. We had arranged for John Moroski to pick up Diane Sox, at her hotel in his Hemi ‘Cuda. The surprise was on us when the car came through the gate with Diane driving! We could tell by the grin on her face she was happy.... real happy.
    We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day for the show. Nice and sunny, a nice breeze and a parking lot full of Mopars! There were more racecars at the show this year than we have seen in the past and we had a large area set up for them and the Sox & Martin cars. We also had more visitors at the show than in the past and the parking lot was full of people browsing around admiring the cars.
    During the course of the day, we sold more T-shirts than ever before, the silent auction was very busy, raffle ticket sales went crazy and when the smoke cleared..... I’ll get to that in a minute. Diane Sox and Butch Leal were also very busy selling their goodies, signing autographs and talking to everyone. They were both gracious enough to help out in handing out the awards later in the day, of which were also a record number.
    There was a new award handed out this year that will continue to be presented every year, the Jimmy Box award. This award is presented to the car that best represents the style and taste that Jimmy exhibited in each of his cars. Jimmy’s two daughters, Jennifer and Elisa, were at the show to hand out the award.
     Now, back to the surprises..... after smoke cleared and the final tally was made, the club presented a check in the amount of $6,583.50 to Diane Sox for the Ronnie Sox Foundation. Dan Bell from the Texas Outsiders won the $165 50/50 pot and handed it directly to Diane which made the total money raised $6,748.50. Diane commented to everyone that this was the largest amount of money ever presented to her from a club car show. That made us all feel proud of our club and the efforts of all of its members. As we say down here, “We done good.”
    Diane sent the following message in an email after the event to express her gratitude.
    “I could not get over how truly awesome the members of the Club were and the hospitality they extended to me was beyond words.  I am still utterly amazed at the amount of money you guys raised for such a small Club!!!!  I think it is close to $9,000 that I will be writing a check to St. Jude for this week. I know it was a lot of hard work along with very long hours for everyone, but I hope your hearts feel as full as mine knowing that we are helping those children at St. Jude and, more importantly, doing so in Ronnie’s memory. Ronnie in my opinion gave so very much to the world of drag racing along with his fans, that I feel we should give back to the Boss and what touched his heart.”
    We want to thank Diane Sox and Butch Leal for being at the show, it was a real treat to have them there. We especially want to thank Clark Rand for bringing the Sox & Martin cars down from Missouri to display. He also donated a 1968 Sox & Martin S/S Hemi Cuda die cast that was autographed by Buddy Martin to us to be raffled. He is a real gentleman and a Mopar enthusiast. The Route 66 Mopar Club should be very proud to have him as a member.
    We also want to thank all of the club members that helped out at the show.  There are far too many to list, but Rick Mariano, Willie DelManzano, Bryan Carpenter, Kim Humphrey, Mike Bearce and Steve Laremo are just a few that were there doing a great job.
    For more information on the Ronnie Sox foundation, visit www.ronniesox.com.
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