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Design contest seeks creative auto concepts

Written by Autobody News staff
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The details of the sixth-annual Motor Trend/CIAS International Design Contest have been announced by Motor Trend magazine and the California International Auto Show (CIAS). Open to amateur, student and professional designers from around the world, the theme of this year's competition is "Brand It Your Way," challenging contestants to conceptualize a vehicle design that embodies the characteristics and traits of a specific, non-automotive brand. 

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The challenge of the Motor Trend-sponsored design contest is to bring out the attributes and characteristics of a chosen brand to life.

The challenge is to design a car, truck or SUV conceived, built and brought to market by a company that is not currently an automotive producer. With companies around the world maximizing brand recognition to set themselves apart from their competitors, such as McDonalds' golden arches and Nike's Swoosh, this year's "Brand It Your Way" theme challenges contestants to bring the attributes and characteristics of their chosen brand to life by conceptualizing a vehicle that clearly exemplifies the traits of the product.

For example, what would a truck be like if it could deliver the energy and endurance levels promised by a PowerBar? How about a sedan that had the sparkle and undeniable elegance of a Rolex or a sport/utility that had the balance and precision of a new pair of Timberland hiking boots?

"This year's theme really leaves the door open for creativity and gives contestants a chance to let their imaginations go to work," said Motor Trend Executive Editor Matt Stone, who serves as the contest's chief judge. "There are so many directions the designs can go and we're looking forward to seeing how innovative and creative they will be."

Entrants may participate in one of four categories - design professional, design student, amateur 17 years of age and younger, or amateur 18 years of age and older. Each design submission must be represented in a minimum of three different perspectives, with at least one being a rendering of the passenger compartment that identifies the instrumentation and driver controls. Entries must also include a brief synopsis to explain how the design was conceptualized, as well as the car's technical and general specifications.

Registration for this year's competition runs June 1, 2004 through August 20, 2004. The deadline for entries to be received is September 13, 2004. Interested designers should visit the official contest web site, www.mtdesigncontest.com, or call (717) 566-6100 for free registration and access to the participant booklet.

The winners will be announced during Media Day at the California International Auto Show on October 27, 2004.


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