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International e-conference addresses the role of mentoring in CR

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President and CEO of Mentors at Work Mark Claypool served as a featured panelist addressing the topic Human Empowerment: The Role of Mentoring during an international Internet conference in May. Mentors at Work partners with automotive and collision repair facilities to build and maintain effective, in-house apprenticeship programs. Joining Claypool was Mentors at Work's Personal Trainer Kathy Moore, a specialist in interpersonal relations.  

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The conference, according to John Watkins, founder and creative director of The Simple Society Alliance for Human Empowerment, is one in an ongoing series focused on achieving a single mission: "To design a new, innovative model of a simpler, more humane society that empowers everyone to achieve their full potential; a society that actually solves its problems, and treats everyone fairly."

"It was an honor to be selected to be a panelist amongst the leading mentoring and apprenticeship experts in the world," said Claypool."Over a three-day period of time, the Alliance removed the geographic barrier that can too often limit the number of useful ideas that make it onto the table."

Apprenticeships in the repair business

"As the automotive and collision repair industries in the USA embrace the use of apprenticeships more and more, our participation in this conference keeps us on the cutting edge of world-wide mentoring issues," added Claypool."As a result, we are better able to help shops deal with their greatest challenge - attracting, training and retaining new technicians for this industry."

Claypool explained that his life-long interest in the importance of mentoring and apprenticeships culminated three-and-a-half years ago when he founded Mentors at Work to help the automotive industry be successful with new hires. Mentors at Work's clients include Caliber Collision Centers, ABRA and True2Form, as well as a number of independents and several clients outside of the automotive industry. Business partners include Sherwin-Williams, Akzo Nobel, PPG and the DuPont Performance Alliance.

Other panelists

Among the twelve others joining Claypool on the Alliance's Human Empowerment panel, were Louise B. Andrew, M.D., of Victoria, B.C., editor of "Being Well" and associate editor of "Wellness for Emergency Physicians;" Marion Brady of Orlando, Florida, an educational columnist for the Orlando Sentinel; David Clutterbuck of Thames Valley, England, a prolific author on the topic of mentoring and co-founder of The European Mentoring Centre; and William Glasser, M.D. of Chatsworth, California, author of numerous works on the topic of human well being, including "Warning: Psychiatry Can Be Hazardous to Your Mental Health."

"True apprenticeships require commitment from the top down, proper selection of mentors and apprentices, training of mentors, a road map to follow and a tracking system," said Claypool. "Anything less and shops usually end up losing more than they gain when trying to grow their own talent. That's why so many shops don't even try anymore, but that won't solve our long term challenges with human resources."

For more information on Mentors at Work, visit www.mentorsatwork.com. Further information on The Simple Society can be found at www.simsoc.org.


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