Thursday, 31 March 2005 17:00

More colorful versions of silver remain leader

Written by Autobody News staff
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Silver is solidifying its position as the world's leading vehicle color. But even a color that's been at the top of the charts for many years needs changes. The "silver of the future" will be more colorful and will be augmented by whites.

This is the color trend forecast that is now being made by designers from BASF Coatings, based on close consultations with designers from all of the automobile manufacturers in these regions.

In North America, designer Jon Hall is betting on more color. Colors will be an absolute necessity in the search for an individual style. In addition to the same series of infinitely repeated silver colors, we will also see a new, fine-grained, silky silver and gray silvers revealing various color nuances. Brushed metal reduces the glitter effect and gives gray and silver tones a fresh new look.

Classic red is experiencing a revival. "Red, with dark and blue nuances, is increasingly identified with lifestyle and quality of life," says Hall, explaining the return to traditional color. White, in variations with cream-colored hues, will remain a strong color, while yellow and orange --mixed with violet, turquoise, lime, lipstick, and cream --will appear in new versions.

Blue will continue to be in demand and will be beefed up with new sporty metallic colors featuring turquoise effects.

On the other hand, natural green and brown will not be popular. The only exception will be browns based on orange. Dark colors will remain popular, mostly in neutral, gray tones. Some gray color shades will suggest a subtle conservative sense of high quality.

Experience has shown that it will take about three to six years for the predicted trends to actually appear in passenger vehicle design.


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