Wednesday, 31 August 2005 17:00

Bay Area shop honored as green business

Written by Autobody News staff
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TGIF Body Shop, Inc., a collision repair service provider of timely, invisible repairs using the latest technology and continuing education, was officially honored as a Green Business at World Environment Day 2005. TGIF Body Shop earned this distinguished acknowledgment for its recycling and other environmentally conscious efforts, along with several other East Bay businesses, during the UN World Environment Conference held this spring. 

The shop is the first collision repair center in the San Francisco Bay Area to receive the Green Business honor. This acknowledgment was earned by welcoming several branches of the government into its facility over the course of two months, including Hazardous Waste Management, which is managed by the Fremont Fire Department, and Bay Area Quality and Waste Management. These visits provided affirmation that TGIF Body Shop is contributing to the environment by actively recycling paint, thinner, coolant, metal, plastic, cardboard, and using an oil/water separator for drainage, and ensuring proper ventilation in the mix and spray booths.

"We learned a lot from each of the departments that visited our facility about what we are doing right, and about the many simple things we can do to improve our contribution to saving our planet," said Rich Mello, co-founder of the facility.

"In our effort to further the cause, we are planning to order only recycled office products, change some of the ballasts in our lighting, improve our storage and handling of materials, and continue our communication with the government agencies regarding requirements, including how often the recycled paint cakes and filters must be tested."

"At a time when the media has focused on fraud and shoddy repairs in the collision repair industry, our team at TGIF Body Shop is proud that we provide not only a quality repair with a lifetime guarantee, but that we care about preserving the earth for future generations," said Kathy Mello, co- founder of TGIF Body Shop, Inc.

"We knew that we were doing a lot of recycling and environmentally conscious things already, so we wanted to make an effort to connect with others who are as well, and further contribute to the cause of sustainable living while providing the basic entitlements to all who live on our planet."

Other local and collision repair industry businesses are encouraged to become certified as Green Businesses, and take advantage of the associated marketing benefits and networking opportunities available. The UN World Environment Conference addresses current social, ecological, and logistical issues, including a place to live, a place to work, education, clean air, clean water, healthy food, and investment in our youth.

For information about how to become a Green Business, contact the Alameda County Green Business Program at (510) 567-6770.


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