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Tuesday, 31 January 2006 17:00

A complete welding sales and service company on wheels

Written by Karyn Hendricks
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Everything old is new again. Remember when doctors made house calls? Remember when the milkman brought dairy products to your door? What if you could purchase welders and have them serviced without ever leaving your building. 

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The sharp looking mobile welding van is loaded and ready to roll.
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Demos and deliveries are a snap with the thousand pound lift gate that folds up and disappears from view.

Robert Hornedo, president of Pacific Collision Equipment Company, has come up with a creative, time-saving solution for selling and servicing spot welders with a mobile van that comes right to the shop. "We figured that a lot of customers didn't have the time to take their welders in for repair or even to wait days for a service technician to come to the shop. If we take the service directly to the shop, we would help owners eliminate down time."

Complete with an $80,000 inventory of inverter spot welders, aluminum inverter welders, MIG welders, aluminum and silicon bronze welders, along with a full complement of accessories, the van is the only mobile welding collision repair solution in the country.

Accessories include boron spot removing tools, welding blankets, spot welding tips - everything in one place and ready to go. All products are first class, with name brand accessories such as Spitznagel/Dent Fix and Car-O-Liner.

The sharply signed Mercedes van is a sight to behold. It is large enough to accommodate all that inventory, with enough space for a 6' person to walk around without crouching to complete repairs. It has a custom hydraulic lift gate that folds inside the van and from the outside, the van does not look modified. And there is no problem spotting this mobile welding van with the bright graphics designed by Sign-A-Rama of Long Beach.

Moreover, with the Mercedes diesel engine, even loaded to capacity, the van is remarkably fuel efficient, getting 25 miles to the gallon. It is not only practical, but economical as well. This is important as the van serves shops from San Luis Obispo to the Mexican border and is on the road every day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Multi-talented driver

Gus Marin, the technician on the van, has been with Pacific Collision Equipment for over five years, and is knowledgeable in every product line. He is capable of sales, servicing, and on-site training. He can go to a shop, demonstrate the products, drop off a brand new spot welder, provide service and training. Credit cards are accepted also.

"Spot welding is hot! Auto manufacturers are requiring it for shops that they certify," explained Hornedo. When purchasing a welder, from the shop or the van, an I-CAR Alliance training course is offered at Pacific Collision Equipment's Signal Hill training center. The course is included with the purchase of any welding system at no cost for one year for any and all technicians. (A small certificate fee is charged.)

The Car-O-Liner line of welders is approved by more vehicle manufacturers than any other welder, including BMW, GM, Lexus, Toyota, Nissan, Infiniti, Saab, Volvo and more.

In addition, Hornedo adds, "we are the only inverter spot welder that is UL and ETL approved in the world. Our welders are completely capable of being updated for use on other metals coming into use by manufacturers, and are already preprogrammed for use with AHSS such as boron steel. The basic equipment does not need to be replaced. Currently, most inverter welders are obsolete within two years of purchase. And, in fact, transformer type spot welders are already obsolete."

Hornedo calls the van the "Nordstrom of automotive collision repair needs. Our service is a step above, because we come to you. As a shop owner, you save money because you are saving time."

Concludes Hornedo, "This is a huge commitment - being dedicated to one product line. We are seeing the success after just a few weeks on the road. We believe that potential customers will see the benefits of the home visit. The van is neat, clean, professionally staffed - all at a fair price. Why not give it a try?"

For more information, visit us online at www.crashtools.com or call Pacific Collision at 800-747-2122.


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