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Competitors and friends gather for OPS Dealer Night Out

Written by Gina Forester*
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It is January 19, 2006 and we have just arrived at Texas Stadium - the scene of the 2006 OPS Dealer Night Out. Upon arrival, we are lead through a tunnel that takes us past memorabilia reminding us of great sports events from 1950 to 2000. As we make our way past the check-in tables, we enter a hallway and take a step into the future. 

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Guests mingle and visit with auto dealership vendors at OPS-sponsored Dealer Night Out held at Texas Stadium.
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Guests play craps at one of the casino tables during OPS-sponsored Dealer Night Out.

Futuristic music is playing as we are lead into a maze of dealership tables, where dealers are giving away gifts as they meet and greet customers. Tom Harvey, general manager of Allen Samuels Dodge said, "This is a great opportunity to give back to our customers and meet them face to face."

The auto dealer tables are isolated by black curtains building anticipation as to what was waiting on the other side. Passing the final black curtain, we enter into the main event where the center stage is covered with amazing prizes. Casino tables are set up for a great night of fun and there are gourmet hamburgers, hot dogs and ice cream stands set up for a tasty dinner. The DJ appears to have come from the future as he plays a variety of upbeat tunes from the 50s to the present.

All eyes focus on two large plasma screen TVs featuring the new OPS interactive website, www.opstrax.com, demonstrating OPS Trax, the new parts coordination web portal that was implemented in July 2005. The company expects OPS Trax to become the standard by which shops order and track their parts.

Getting parts is one of the biggest challenges that shops face , affecting cycle times on a daily basis. New standards, put in place by insurance companies, have caused shops to put an even greater emphasis on cycle times and getting parts in a timely fashion.

OPS has been assisting shops with these issues since 1995 and launched OPS Trax for the purpose of streamlining parts through today's body shops. Having processed approximately 14,000 orders since its inception, OPS believes shops are benefitting from time savings as well as the knowledge of what parts are coming and when they will arrive, allowing for more accurate production scheduling.

When asked for his opinion of OPS Trax, Steve Halbert, Russell & Smith Ford, Houston, replied, "OPS is a first-class organization that has a vision towards the future of the collision industry." There were many inquiries from shops not yet on OPS Trax, as to when they can utilize this new cutting edge technology. Dario Dorismond, director of IT at Overall Parts Solutions said, "I received great reports from shops that are already on the program and how it makes their jobs easier."

People attended from places as far away as Los Angeles, Detroit, Atlanta, and all over Texas. Over 200 body shops in the Dallas/Fort Worth area are represented with over 600 people in attendance. Danny McKinley from Service King commented, "I think it is amazing that there is a company that can bring all the collision industry competitors together and they all have fun."

Twenty auto dealerships from the Dallas/Fort Worth area sponsored the event with OPS, which has also drawn the attention of manufacturer's representatives from Chrysler, Mazda and Ford.

The grand prize giveaway at the end of the evening had everyone on the edge of their seats as the tickets were drawn from the barrel. With or without prizes, the attendees had a great time and look forward to the next event.

Matt Kosarek from Caliber Collision concluded, "The only thing that disappoints me is that I have to wait another year to come back!"

Everyone attending agreed that the 6th Annual OPS Dealer Night Out was a huge success!


* Overall Parts Solutions


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