Tuesday, 28 February 2006 17:00

Car-O-Liner builds own crash track

Written by Autobody News staff
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Car-O-Liner has taken a step forward in development of methods and products for the collision repair industry by opening a crash track of its own to increase the frequency and test possibilities. The development is done in close cooperation with the car manufacturers worldwide and in many cases their own crash tracks are used for the evaluation of products and methods. 

Last autumn, the first tests were done with a rail running Suzuki Swift. Suzuki has now provided a brand new Grand Vitara. In this case, damage occurred in the B-post by driving a large passenger car on the track into the side of a stationary Grand Vitara. The tests were done in cooperation with Suzuki Motor Corp in Hamamatsu, Japan.

The manager of the Method department, Lars-Erik Philipsson is very pleased with the result. "This will increase our possibilities of testing and developing our products and methods in a quick and proper way," explained Philipsson. "We can control the demolition and must not wait for a car of a new model to crash in reality to get the data for our development."

This is an important step to prove that crashed cars are as safe as new ones after a large structural damage repair. The crash track will not be used to evaluate the crash safety of cars but only to create realistic damages of new and repaired vehicles.

Car-O-Liner's head of R&D, Kent Palmgren stated that "we have always had a considerable method and product development at Car-O-Liner. With the inception of the crash track, these processes can become even more efficient."


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