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Spray booth service sets Ecotech apart

Written by Karyn Hendricks
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When one hears the name Ecotech Systems, an environmentally-friendly company comes to mind. Where paint booths are concerned, Accudraft Refinishing Systems, distributed by Ecotech, prides itself on providing customers with the highest-quality equipment available, while raising the bar on environmental and safety concerns. 

Chris Curran, owner of Ecotech, also prides himself on the products and services he offers to his customers - selling, maintaining and servicing of all brands of spray booths. Located in small-town McKinney, Texas, Ecotech's territory includes North Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.

Among those products is Accudraft's new MXDS, an affordable mid-level dual skin downdraft booth. Crafted with Accudraft quality and excellence, this booth comes standard with its Intellcure Baking System and I-Pad Touch Pad. The MXDS offers high air flow and high output lighting at a competitive price.

Service King Collision Centers, with 17 locations, operates 23 Accudraft paint booths - all maintained by Ecotech. What could say more about customer satisfaction than returning to the product again and again?

"Choosing a paint booth for a shop is a very big decision, said Jeff McFadden, Service King vice president. "Eighteen years ago we did massive research and decided on Accudraft. And we have never looked back. This is a great product requiring low maintenance. Chris Curran does an excellent job as the local provider. Having the distributor nearby cuts down the time we have to wait for service and parts. He knows the equipment inside and out. Chris makes our life easier."

Filling a need

Curran began in the collision repair industry as an automobile painter. "I entered the paint booth business when downdraft paint booths came into the market. I saw there was a need for maintaining and servicing spray booths so I went into the breach to fill that need," explained Curran about his start in the paint booth business.

"I picked up the Accudraft distributorship in 1995 and have been a distributor ever since. When I started out there were only two Accudraft paint booths in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, and now there are around 60."

Service makes the difference

The other paint booth companies thought they had the market sewn up, but Curran found the key to differentiating his business from others - service. "What made our business grow is our service. Service is why customers buy paint booths from us."

Ecotech is the only paint booth distributor that has in-house service, maintenance and installation Other companies subcontract their service. Some companies, such as Sterling Collision Centers, use Ecotech for service even for competitors' booths. "We have better quality control by keeping this function in-house," added Curran.

Most installations are turn key jobs - permitting, plumbing, electrical along with the equipment. Curran quotes an all- inclusive price and sticks to his word. Word of mouth brings customers to his door.

If a paint booth does happen to go down, the turnaround for service is fast! Curran understands that the paint booth is the main artery for business, so it is very important to get the booth back up and running.

"I like that the Accudraft paint booth is mechanically simple and parts are readily available," stated Gary Hendrickson, Gary's Body Shop, Texarkana, Texas, owner of one Accudraft paint booth, along with two other brands. "The quick bake feature of our booth allows us to run as much through this one booth as we do our others.

"There is no one to service and maintain the other booths, but Ecotech offers us maintenance and service to keep our booth up and running. If there is a problem, all I have to do is call Chris. Sometimes he can even talk me through the repair over the phone. Parts are readily available and I can pick up some parts at NAPA."

Added Hendrickson, "Ecotech handles the yearly service and I do the day-to-day maintenance. And I can always reach Chris within the hour. I am very satisfied and would definitely buy another booth from him."

A well-maintained paint booth is more likely to stay up and running. If a booth is not maintained, belts can break, motors get hot, and a booth overloaded with overspray will not function efficiently. Wear and tear on the mechanical parts can shut a booth down. The maintenance package is so important in keeping downtime to a minimum. Each year Ecotech shows up for a pre-scheduled 2-1/2 hour maintenance visit - the technicians do the job and get out of the way, hopefully for another year.

"Our mission is to give customers what they need - not more, not less - as we direct them through the process of choosing the paint booth to get the best production out of their shops at an affordable price," concluded Curran.

Ecotech - (214) 616-8535


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