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Mentors At Work promotes industry careers

Written by Autobody News staff
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Mentors At Work, LLC, a Department of Labor-supported apprenticeship system for the collision repair industry, has created a PowerPoint presentation that can be used to promote careers in the collision repair industry. Entitled Driven to Win!, this 26-slide presentation is designed to help shops and schools highlight what the collision repair industry has to offer to people who are considering career choices. This presentation is appropriate for career fairs, open houses and any other opportunities to reach out to potential employees. 

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According to Mark Claypool, president of Mentors At Work, and creator of the program, "There used to be some VHS tapes out there that could be used by the industry to promote ourselves, but these are now outdated. Reaching out to people today requires sharp graphics and straight talk that gets right to the point. We usually have only a few seconds, at best a few minutes, to get our message across. This presentation does just that."

"Our industry has done a poor job of promoting itself," Claypool went on to say. "Driven to Win! will enable shops and schools to deal with this issue at the local, frontline level."

Included in the presentation are topics such as America's love affair with the automobile; Communicating the constant demand for the services our industry provides; High skills, high wages and why our industry is so much more appealing than many other skilled trades; Job security, jobs never outsourced overseas, dependent on human resources; Statistics; Paid training opportunities that are available (with true apprenticeship systems in place); Earning potential; Professional certification availability (ASE, Department of Labor, I-CAR Gold Class); The types of jobs available in the collision repair industry; Outreach to women; and a final slide that allows shops to put in their own contact information

Mentors At Work clients receive the Driven to Win! presentation free of charge. For all others this presentation is available for $19.95 (plus S&H). For an order form, contact Mentors At Work at 888-225-6968 or via e-mail at info@mentorsatwork.com.


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