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Downtown Motors of LA—Where Customers are Familiy

Written by Larry Williams
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This month’s Autobody News distinctive dealership is Downtown Motors of L A. The parts manager is Jorge Valladares, and they provide parts for Porsche, Volkswagen, and Audi for the greater Los Angeles area. I spoke with Jorge recently, and found once again, the qualities that make a successful wholesale parts leader.

His dealership is a solid, dependable establishment, a fixture in Los Angeles since the 1960’s. A loyal customer base has always permitted this dealer to prosper, even in hard times. The people who work here are as dependable as the dealership, always available for the needs of their customers. Jorge started as a parts driver here, about twenty-five years ago. He now has been manager for over fifteen years. That seems to be a feature of all our best dealerships, leadership with a career, not just a job.


The same quality of dependability extends to the employees as well. You will find over a hundred years of experience with this team, another feature of a distinctive dealership. All of our best dealers recognize the benefits of having quality employees. These parts experts have all the knowledge and experience needed to provide their customers with the best service possible.

But all the dependability and experience in the world will not ensure success. All of our distinctive dealerships share two additional key features; a positive attitude and a real bond with their customers. Every one has a different name for this feeling; Jorge’s word was “family.” He used this word not just for his team, but for his customers as well. Many of the surrounding shops have been customers of Jorge since he first delivered parts to them. This long term commitment to providing quality service is a feature of all of our distinguished dealerships.

Downtown Motors of LA has three delivery trucks, on the road twice daily to all areas of Los Angeles. Everyone here works together, answering phones, pulling orders, invoicing tickets, whatever is necessary to provide quality service. Jorge’s goal is not to be the biggest, but “the best.” His team feels this way too, and you will get this quality treatment no matter who you talk to. The Audi department consists of Fausto, Manuel A., Heidi, Joel, Alicia and Manuel C. On the Volkswagen side we have Erasmo, David, Carlos, Maggy, Rene and Clemente. Yes, that’s twelve people ready to answer the phone whenever you call.

The last thing I want to leave you with is a message from Jorge. He wanted to tell all his customers a simple “Thanks.” He said “I feel like they are all my family.” I guess when you deal with someone for twenty-five years they do become a member of your family. I welcome this dealer into our family, the Autobody News Distinctive Dealership family.

Downtown Motors of L.A.
1900 S. Figueroa St.
Los Angeles, CA 90007


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