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Nevada’s Henderson Chevrolet

Written by Larry Williams
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This month’s distinctive dealer is Henderson Chevrolet, in Henderson, Nevada. I’m sure all of you know Las Vegas. Henderson is southwest of the strip, and so close you can’t tell the two cities apart. Henderson led the nation in new home builds for years, and then the real estate bubble burst. The construction industry had been driving the economic expansion of the area, and when that went away, the effects were catastrophic.

The parts manager, Pete Zachrison, estimates that 40% of his customers were forced to close their doors. The remainder held on by only a narrow margin. Pete knew their survival depended on efficient repair operations, and that his parts were a critical piece of their business. Pete decided to help his customers in the best way he could, with the quickest service possible. Pete set up a standard of shipping an order within one hour of the customer’s call.

By dedicating quick service to his customers, he helped them to improve the repair processes at their shops, and to be more profitable. I’m sure that the smooth delivery of needed parts helped many businesses survive during the automotive downturn and economic recession of the past four years.

The team at Henderson Chevrolet, professional and dedicated, consists of four countermen; Doug Mac Pherson, Richard Rogers, Doug Shirley, and Brian Walker. These experts have over sixty years of combined experience helping customers. Seven delivery trucks keep a constant flow of parts going out from 7 AM to 5:30 PM every day. In the background we have Beto Dredia in shipping-receiving, and Jesse Salazar helping the dealership’s technicians with daily repairs. Two outside representatives keep in touch with their customers, to ensure a trouble-free relationship.

Pete has eight telephone lines into the department, and his personal policy is to have all incoming calls answered before the third ring.

Pete services all of the Las Vegas-Henderson area, and also the outlying areas of Bullhead City, Needles, California and Kingman, Arizona. Any order which is placed by 3:30 in the afternoon is delivered the next day!

Pete says his business has almost completely recovered, and that it is still improving. He credits his survival to the loyalty of his customers, and his employee’s dedication to providing unmatched service. His team provides GM technical advice, copies of illustrations -- anything they can do to assist their customer with quick, professional repairs.

I have interviewed several dealers about how they handled the recession, and asked them what they believe to be the greatest key to their survival. All of them mentioned customer loyalty, and I noticed this philosophy in their internal operations, as well. Even during the worst of times, Henderson Chevrolet kept all of their personnel, and I believe that this job security gave their employees the positive base that enabled them to keep going.
When times get tough, we all tend to become obsessed with the numbers; concentrating on sales and expenses, and focusing on profits to the exclusion of nearly everything else. But business is not just cold, hard numbers; business involves many people and all of their various personalities. The dealers and repair shops that put customer satisfaction first, and numbers second; are the ones that are still with us today. Service, loyalty, and caring personnel; these are the features that distinguish successful businesses from the ones which have had to close their doors.
I am proud to include Henderson Chevrolet in my list of Autobody News’ Distinctive Dealers, and recommend them to anyone in the area that needs GM parts for their customers.

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