Thursday, 22 March 2012 16:29

Maxon Hyundai-Mazda: Father-to-Son Dealership Serves NJ and NY

Written by Larry Williams
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Maxon Hyundai-Mazda of Union, New Jersey is this month’s recommended wholesale dealer. This dealer services all of New Jersey, and parts of New York as well. This is another family store, a father-to-son dealership for over 60 years. A million dollar inventory provides same day service for most orders, and next day ordering is of course standard procedure. Open Monday through Friday, from 8 to 6 and Saturday from 8 to 5.

All of us in the automotive industry have been aware of the constant improvements in the products, by every manufacturer. Warranty repairs have steadily decreased, scheduled maintenance has been reduced, and as a result, customer retail and wholesale business has gotten more important.

I talked to Rick Weber, the parts director, and was very impressed with his positive attitude. An experienced professional, this man knows the value of customer relationships, and wants your business.

Rick has been managing this store since 1986, the start of Hyundai in the U.S.A. Maxon added Mazda in 1993. We talked about the improvements and the growth of both companies over the last twenty years. Rick said Hyundai wants to be known as the manufacturer with the most loyal customers while Mazda appeals to those that want to go Zoom-Zoom. If you look in Rick’s driveway you’ll find both products parked there!

Rick uses every resource, including the internet to create business. Three internet sites accept orders that are shipped all over the country. He believes in the value of personal contact, believing every one of his men is also a sales representative. When he is not visiting customers as the Maxon Wholesale representative, Justin Swanson can be found making deliveries to provide that extra personal touch. Rick himself will also take time to make a delivery, just to have that important face-to-face contact.

Rick believes in using all forms of advertising, making sure that the Maxon Hyundai Mazda is a name that is remembered by the repair industry.  He promotes business by using magazines such as Autobody News, and even direct mail. Rick manned their booth at the annual NORTHEAST automotive trade show all weekend just for the opportunity to meet and greet his customers. In order to devote more time to the wholesale business, he delegated his shop and internal sales to a separate manager, JP Pascual, who also handles the Mazda inventory.  Rick wants the Maxon name to be the first thought whenever Hyundai or Mazda parts are needed, and it looks like he will succeed.

Six drivers are constantly delivering parts, and five countermen are available for incoming orders. Not just order takers, over a hundred years of experience is available to their customers. If business continues to improve more employees will be added to crew. Awards for this parts department include twenty consecutive years in Hyundai’s Million Dollar Club, membership in AASP/NJ, and annual participation in the NORTHEAST Automotive Show. Rick also did a five year stint in the Mazda Service & Parts Advisory Board and has been a member of the Hyundai Parts Performance Guild nearly every year since 1992.

This dedication to expanding his business is an example to others who also want to increase their wholesale revenue, another proof that the business is out there, you just have to want it bad enough, and be willing to put out the extra effort.

Ken, Hector, Mason, Pat, Justin, JP, and Rick are all waiting to fill your next Hyundai or Mazda order. Just dial 800-YES-MAXON. You’ll be glad you did!

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