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Stockton Honda in Sandy, Utah, Cultivates Long Term Relationships

Written by Larry Williams
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This month I want to single out Stockton 12 Honda, in Sandy, Utah. Owned by former basketball star John Stockton, this dealership is located just a short drive south of Salt Lake City. Their web site is stockton12honda.com.

Since 1998 this dealer has serviced its customers with pride, and a dedication to quality. Quality in all ways, which is best demonstrated by its parts department, led by “Peg” Ellenberger.

Peg started her automotive career in 1985, moving to Stockton 12 Honda in 2001. She brought a following of loyal customers with her, customers who knew she cared about them. This dedication to quality service has led to continuous growth, and her customers now supply over half of the parts department’s business.

Peg and I share the same opinion, dealers who cultivate long term relationships will always succeed. Those short sighted opportunists, who always rely on the next customer, will almost always fail. The past five years have shown the truth of this opinion. Dealers who were out for the “quick buck” have vanished from the scene, leaving only the best to continue in business.

Her secrets of success are simple: Don’t let your customer wait for a needed part; freight is not an issue; correct your mistakes immediately; value your customer’s business; and always put yourself into your customer’s shoes; always maintain a positive attitude, and don’t let the “problems” get you down; create long-term relationships; work smoothly together to repair cars as quickly as possible; work as friends, not strangers; and make someone else smile!

Her teammates at Stockton 12 Honda share these philosophies, and treat their customers as partners, providing the best service possible to the real customer, the car owner.

When you call this dealer, professionals Marc, Randy, Tamara, or JR will always give you the best service possible. Five incoming phone lines assure your call will be promptly answered. Four drivers, Melissa, Ryan, Travis and Victor will deliver parts quickly to your door.

Honda of America helps this dealer, as they help all their dealers, with the Collision Link program. Peg credits this program as instrumental in her success. Her ability to come within $5 to $10 of the cost of an aftermarket part allows customers to select quality parts for their repairs. Honda’s support of their dealers over the last five years has ensured quality repairs; with original parts, to all Honda owners.

Now for a little sad news, Peg is leaving. Her only regret is that she will miss the daily contact with her team and her friends. She leaves Marc to continue her work, confident that he will continue to give her friends the same excellent service they have come to rely on. We can be assured that her life will continue to be filled with friends, wherever she goes. Good fortune always follows those who live as she does.

Larry Williams is a former parts manager and consultant with national awards and over 30 years of experience in creating profitable parts departments. He can be reached at ljoew2@gmail.com.

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