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A Relatively Young Audi Dealership Makes Quality Pay Off

Written by Larry Williams
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The newest member of the Autobody News Distinctive Dealerships Group is Audi-Mission Viejo in Southern California. A relatively new dealer, only seven years old, Audi-Mission Viejo has managed to thrive by always putting quality first.

Quality is in all areas of the parts department. Justin Stinnett is a parts director who knows how to make quality pay off. Justin began only two years ago, with a bloated inventory and untrained personnel. He needed all of his twenty years experience to change that. Since then, there has been a steady rise to the top and is one of the best Audi parts departments in the region. His secret has been to insist on quality. Quality means the newest and best available technology for his department, and the best employees he can find.

Justin’s investments in technology include state-of-the-art inventory control, and a simple and easy internet order system. Audimv.com is a good example of how to set up a simple online parts link. A well organized department holds over a half-million dollar inventory, and a modern communications system completes the basics.

Justin has four quality countermen, led by Armando with twenty years experience, then Henry and Robin with eight years, and Mario with six. A bilingual crew works well in the southern California market, language issues are no problem. This team works together with common goals, to keep their department the best in the region. Their efforts have been rewarded, their wholesale business has tripled!

Customer service is the standard here, promises are kept, and orders are always completely filled. Such service creates the friendships and loyalty so necessary to success in these times.

Justin sees himself as a businessman, instead of a parts man, and regards the changes he has made as investments, not expenses. He believes “You get what you pay for. And if you have great people, you will achieve great results.” Results, for a dealer, equal profits. This parts department creates profit, which is exactly my philosophy. With proper management, the parts department will be a dealership’s best investment, not its worst.

Again, no dealership can succeed without support. Audi is a company that wants to have the best parts delivery system possible. They have instituted a “local parts council,” which meets quarterly, to communicate with dealers and ensure a smooth flow of parts to all of their customers. Audi recognizes Justin’s hard work, and has chosen him for membership in their council. When important visitors arrive from Germany, Audi-Mission Viejo’s parts department is on their tour, as an example of growth, organization, and cleanliness.

An aside to all body shops in the Mission Viejo area… Should you need any parts for an Audi, call Audi-Mission Viejo. You are guaranteed to get great service, and I am proud to include them in my list of Distinctive Dealerships.

In other areas, I’d also like to recommend Audi of Downtown LA in Los Angeles and Circle Audi in Long Beach.

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