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Tuesday, 15 May 2018 22:57

Matrix Wand Brings CARSTAR Right Choice the Power of Information

Written by Autobody News Staff
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Matrix Electronic Measuring June 2018 Shop Product Showcase 1

The Matrix Wand plays a pivotal role in every repair at CARSTAR Right Choice Collision Center.


NOTE: This June SPS profile was originally published in print in June 2018 and online in May 2018.


While many body shop managers don’t become managers until they’re in their 30s or 40s, Brian Inman, the General Manager at CARSTAR Right Choice Collision Center in Tucson, AZ, was managing a busy shop at age 23. 



CARSTAR Right Choice Collision Center 

Location: Tucson, AZ  

(520) 668-2823

Company At A Glance...

Type: Collision Repair

Facility Employees: Seven

In Business Since: 2014

Number of Locations: One

Combined Production Space: 10,000 square feet


By working as a car detailer, body man and shop foreman, Inman (now 44) has excelled in literally every aspect of the collision repair industry over the years. So when he finds a piece of equipment like the Matrix Wand that can set him up for even more success, it’s an absolute no-brainer. 


Inman has only been using the Matrix Wand for six months, but he is already happy that he decided to acquire the device. 


“I was actually doing some research about different measuring systems and looking for something that could be part of my upfront process,” he said. “I wanted something that was affordable, easy to use and didn’t require a full set-up in order to operate. When we heard about the Matrix Wand, we called them and set up a demonstration. It was exactly what I needed, because I wanted to be able to set up a vehicle on a two-post lift, perform a quick measurement and then move on.” 


Once Inman acquired the device, he was ready to integrate it into his production without hesitation.


“I immediately made the Matrix Wand part of my upfront process,” he said. “Now I could catch all of those little bumper hits that don’t ever look like they’ve moved over, but there is definitely some structural movement there. With the Matrix Wand, we can capture more repairs and keep more money in the shop while also cutting down on comebacks. It’s definitely become an integral part of our upfront process. First we map the car, then scan it and then we use the Matrix Wand as soon as it comes into the shop. Within one year, the Matrix Wand will pay for itself—no doubt in my mind.”


The Matrix Wand plays a pivotal role in every repair at CARSTAR Right Choice Collision Center. 


“We always continually re-measure the vehicle along the way and do a post-measurement as well,” Inman said. “The Matrix Wand is so easy to use. It takes approximately 15 minutes to set it up and shoot a picture to verify that you’ve done your pulls and that everything measures out within the specs. Even if we get a car here with only minor side impact, we use the device and in many cases, we find more issues with the Matrix Wand.”


Comprehensive training provided by Matrix helped Inman’s crew learn how to use the device effectively, he said.


Matrix Electronic Measuring June 2018 Shop Product Showcase 2 3

Left: From left, Technicians Victor Schmit, Bert Gastellum and Kenneth Nuckolls are all adept at using the Matrix Wand at CARSTAR Right Choice Collision Center. Right: CARSTAR Right Choice loves using its Matrix Wand to find repairs it wouldn’t find normally.


 “Matrix came here to the shop and gave us a two-day training that was really beneficial,” Inman said. “Everyone here went through the training, but four of us use it on a regular basis. Sometimes, I will use the Matrix Wand out in the parking lot while I’m writing a sheet, even if the car is not being dropped off, because if I can find something another shop can’t, I have an advantage.” 


Being a CARSTAR shop is another distinct advantage for Inman and his business, he said. 


“They’re one of the largest MSOs in the country right now—larger than Service King or Caliber,” he said. “CARSTAR gives me a nationwide warranty, a national presence, MSO platforms and DRPs, like with our State Farm program. We also get preferred access to products and discounts on materials, group buying advantages and many other things across the board, so it’s an incredible organization and we’re very happy to be a part of it.” 


Inman values solid customer support, but with a great product like the Matrix Wand, he hasn’t required a great deal from the company. 


“They have a great support team at Matrix, but to be honest we haven’t had to use their services very much, because the device performs well and hasn’t had any issues at all,” he said. “They call me all the time just to make sure that everything is going right—that we’re still happy with the product and that it is still working well. We deal directly with them and most of the time, I deal with Jan, the owner of the company, which means a lot.” 


CARSTAR Right Choice loves using the Matrix Wand to find repairs it wouldn’t find normally, even though the shop has only been using it for less than a year. 


“It pays for itself every day,” Inman said. “Even if I can show that we measured a vehicle with the wand and there isn’t any structural damage, I’m still charging for that initial digital setup and measurement and providing a printout for the insurance company. That way, they get that peace of mind as well, and we’re all covered. 


“We can all sleep better at night by using the wand, because we have the data right in our hands and in this industry right now, documentation is key.”


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Matrix Electronic Measuring, Inc.

(800) 424-8023


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