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John YoswickJohn Yoswick is a freelance automotive writer based in Portland, Oregon, who has been writing about the collision industry since 1988. He is the editor of the weekly CRASH Network (for a free 4-week trial subscription, visit www.CrashNetwork.com).

He can be contacted at john@crashnetwork.com 

Jaime Ramos

Jaime Ramos


Discussion within the industry of “alt-OE” or “opt-OE” parts seemingly has raised more questions than answers this past year, but one state regulatory agency has a clear stand on the topic – one that may drive changes nationwide.

ABRA's Expansion Plans, Tech Wages, Flat Fees for Repair, BMS vs. EMS

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Erick Bickett, Progressive's Concierge Program, Crash Prevention, Allstate Compliance

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Topics covered include Northern NACE, Dan Risley's 2001 hire by SCRS, the collapse of M2 and the effect of insurance advertising.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016 18:25

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ASA Lobbyists, Allstate Acquires Sterling, Recycled Parts Market Share, Chinese OEMs

About 37 percent of shop who bill for “masking the vehicle for priming” say they get paid by insurers for this operation “always” or “most of the time” – yet about an equal percentage of shops say they have never asked to be paid for this not-included operation.

Monday, 21 March 2016 23:52

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Mike Anderson in 1966, Incomplete Estimates, Feather Prime & Block, PartsTrader

During a recent industry event at which automakers discussed some of the complexities of making collision repairs to their new vehicles, a shop owner asked the OEMs a decidedly more business than technical question: Are you working to come up with realistic labor times for the repair operations on these vehicles?

The mass shooting in San Bernardino, CA, in December in which a health department employee (along with his wife) shot and killed 14 of his co-workers at a holiday party occurred just 80 miles from business attorney Cory King’s law firm. So a month later when he was scheduled to discuss human resource issues at the quarterly Collision Industry Conference (CIC), King knew workplace violence was a logical if unpleasant topic on which to focus.