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Wednesday, 05 October 2016 23:21

Retro News: October 1996, 2001, 2006, 2011

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10 years ago in the collision repair industry (October 2006)

But the growth continued well into the 1990s, with the NACE trade show setting new attendance records each time it returned to Las Vegas: 22,517 attendees in 1991, 35,800 in 1994, and just over 41,000 in 1997, when the show also hit a peak of 656 exhibitors in a massive 277,500-square-foot trade show.

One of the positive outcomes of NACE’s growth has been the show’s ability to bring in some of the country’s most-coveted keynote speakers. They’ve ranged from political heavy-hitters like George Bush (2002) and Elizabeth Dole (1997) to sports legends like Fran Tarkenton (1994) and Lou Holtz (1992). Others came from the media world, such as Larry King (1998), Bill O’Reilly (2003) or Geoge Stephanopoulos (1999).

“It’s great being able to see people like Colin Powell (1996) or G. Gordon Liddy (1990) – that guy ran a chill up your spine,” Don Peers, now a retired Nebraska shop owner, said. “I’m not big on movie stars or singers or stuff like that, but anytime you get to see any of those people live, it’s impressive. If [Ret. Gen. Norman] Schwarzkopf (1995) announced that day he needed 1,000 volunteers right now to go into combat, I would have followed him out the door.”

– From a history of the NACE trade show, published in The Golden Eagle, October 2006. The event no longer includes big-name speakers as the attendance shrunk below 30,000 after 2004 (and under 10,000 since 2013). But show organizers say this year’s event in Anaheim, Calif., back in August marked the third year of growth.