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Wednesday, 05 October 2016 23:21

Retro News: October 1996, 2001, 2006, 2011

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15 years ago in the collision repair industry (October 2001)

Since the horrific events of September 11, I have spoken to many individuals about what has happened and how it might affect us in both the short- and long-term future. One of the issues that has been raised is the upcoming Collision Industry Conference (CIC) meeting in Anchorage, Alaska, scheduled for October 3 and 4. I have talked to several people who suggested we cancel the meeting, while others have pleaded to continue as planned.

We are not a nation of quitters, and while I completely understand and respect the apprehension one might have in traveling and congregating at a meeting, I also feel as though we must continue on. This great country was not built on trepidation and uncertainty; it was built on the will to live and prosper. In that light, we will continue on with our plans to hold the CIC meeting as scheduled in Alaska.

The meeting will be held three weeks after the tragic events of September 11. A time for healing and reflection is upon us now. We are a nation that will rise from this event stronger and more determined than ever, and the time to start that movement is now.

– From an editorial by Lou DiLisio, at that time the chairman of CIC. The meeting was attended by about 60 people, far fewer than the 200-400 people at most CIC meetings.