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Monday, 21 March 2016 23:52

Retro News: April 1996, 2001, 2006, 2011

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5 years ago in the collision repair industry (April 2011)
State Farm says in the coming months it will develop a new electronic parts ordering system for its Select Service shops. In a video message to those shops, State Farm’s Gregg McDonald said the insurer will work with all segments of the industry to develop a system to “reduce the amount of time and effort needed to search for, source and order all part types,” and “to give suppliers a better view of the process, and access to complete parts orders.”

McDonald said that the system will include a review tool to allow shops and vendors to provide feedback on the parts ordering experience.

“Supplier choice and decisions regarding which parts are best suited for the individual repair will remain in your hands,” McDonald tells Select Service shops in the video.

In 2009, State Farm halted an electronic parts ordering test it had rolled out in California and Indiana, saying it had no plans to implement such a program nationally, but that it had found that electronic parts ordering "has value.” The Select Service agreement that participating shops must sign gives the insurer the right to require electronic parts ordering.

– As reported in CRASH Network (www.CrashNetwork.com), April 11, 2011. The system State Farm was referring to was PartsTrader, which it began requiring Select Service shops to use in 2012, rolling it out nationally by mid-2014.

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