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While U.S. economic growth was underwhelming in the third quarter, incoming economic data suggests growth is revving up in the fourth quarter, barring any major setbacks from omicron or other major uncertainties.

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New breakthrough products and inventory improvements made Ford America’s No. 1 selling automaker for the third month in a row in November.

Friday, 03 December 2021 12:09

Car ADAS Solutions Joins CIECA

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Car ADAS Solutions has joined CIECA as a corporate member.

Friday, 03 December 2021 00:48

On The Lighter Side: Jimmie Johnson Shows Off His Car Collection

Written by Steven Symes, Motorious

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Take a stroll through the secretive man cave…

Thursday, 02 December 2021 19:33

Transportation Secretary Buttigieg Cites Gas Prices, Promotes EVs

Written by Steven Loveday, Inside EVs

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Gas prices have had a tendency to rise and fall over the years, and they're spiking again of late.

Thursday, 02 December 2021 19:23

Stellantis CEO: EV Transition Costs ‘Beyond the Limits’ the Auto Industry Can Sustain

Written by Maria Merano, Teslarati

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Stellantis CEO Carlos Taveres said the pressure for legacy automakers to accelerate the shift to electric vehicles could threaten jobs and vehicle quality as traditional carmakers struggle to manage the higher costs of producing EVs.