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Tuesday, 06 March 2007 09:20

California Autobody Association Convention at Disneyland

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 California Autobody Association past presidents gathered at the annual meeting to honor the association's milestone year.  From left to right John Loftus, Kelly McCarty, Don Feeley,Jr., Maureen Holmes, Jack Caldwell, Rick Johnson, Chuck Bistagne, Ed Van Klavern, Russ Scamara, Ron Guilliams (seated),  Rick Reiss, Bill Rupp, Joe Boivin and Warwick Bryan.

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 Dave Mello presents the CARPAC award to the Santa Clara chapter, accepted by Sandra Douglas and Randy Greenblat. Their chapter raised nearly $40,000 for CARPAC over the last three years.  Dave Brez, BASF Regional Manager stands with Janet Chaney of the Autobody News staff. Brez introduced the BASF-sponsored afternoon presentation on lifetime leadership.
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 Greg Decker, left, holds his award for East Bay chapter member of the year. To his right. Jim Boyle holds his Member of the Year/Darrell Malott Memorial Award.  CAA president Dave Mello presents the Special Recognition award to Enterprise Rent-A-Car, accepted by Chris Sbarbaro.
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 Past presidents Chuck Bistagne and Rick Reiss share a laugh during the awards ceremony.  San Diego chapter Member of the Year Ted Stein with his wife Danielle. Stein is the new vice president of CAA.