Tuesday, 30 April 2002 17:00

GM says tests prove CAPA parts fall short

GM says its recent evaluation of fenders and hoods with CAPA stickers proved that they don't meet GM specs for fit, finish, material content and assembly characteristics. The GM hood was up to 40% stronger and 80% harder than the CAPA hoods. 

When subjected to SAE standard tests, the CAPA hoods had 42% of the dent resistance compared to the GM hood. The steel used in the CAPA hoods was a different alloy and lower grade than GM steel. 23.7% of the welds on the CAPA hoods were found to have insufficient weld integrity. It was too late for CAPA to respond to GM's statement -- stay tuned next month.

For more information, visit the GM Goodwrench website at www.gmgoodwrench.com.