Sunday, 29 March 2015 17:00

Automotive Art Refinish System Comes to the U.S.

Some collision repair facilities in America may be noticing a new option in the selection of refinishing systems - Automotive Art has begun distributing their European paint line in U.S. markets over the past couple years. Glenn Camacho, President of Logicar, Inc., the company that distributes Automotive Art, states, “For the past ten years, we have been operating on the doorstep of one of the largest refinish markets, North America, and exporting to over 30 countries from our Miami distribution center. During this period, we have been restricted from selling our product in the U.S. due to licensing agreements with our primary factory, but a couple years ago, we acquired a stake in a European factory which opened up the ability to supply to the North American market.”

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Automotive Art's booth at the NORTHEAST 2015 Trade Show.


Automotive Art is expanding throughout the U.S. and Canada, and their current focus is on the California market. They are achieving this expansion “by opening jobbers and giving them protected areas of distribution,” Camacho explains. They have also appeared at industry events to promote their refinishing line; in March, Automotive Art exhibited at AASP-NJ’s 2015 NORTHEAST Automotive Services Show. Their booth allowed Camacho and others to demonstrate the product’s usability and superior color matching technology.

Automotive Art was founded in 1990 in Barbados, supplying the Caribbean market with the latest in European automotive paint. The company began as a distributor of Glasurit Refinish systems, but their founders saw a need to develop a complete line of products using world class technologies to target the industry’s value segment, while delivering high quality refinish results. Automotive Art’s website boasts that they are “one of Caribbean’s best recognized brands with a reputation for high-quality products at exceptional prices;” however, “our brand and product line is new to the U.S. market, as we introduced the current Automotive Art product line to the U.S. market two years ago,” Camacho notes.

The Automotive Art Refinish System was developed to offer body shops a complete line, from fillers to topcoats, of high-quality products under one brand, and factory testing ensures they achieve their mission of ensuring that all of their products work well together to achieve perfect results. Their world-class color documentation includes tools for accurate color matching, while their color formula retrieval software provides a listing of all vehicle manufacturers’ colors, and contains scale interfaces to ensure perfect color mixing in both their low-VOC and standard basecoat systems, along with a full line of ancillaries. The company also boasts minimal start-up costs, full technical support and in-depth product training.

Camacho believes that Automotive Art distinguishes itself from the competition because, “We provide a European high-quality, low-VOC solvent basecoat refinish solution that is superior to what our competitors offer, that is positioned to deliver significant value compared to the established A-brands, while being competitive with value brands in the market. Since it is low-VOC solvent-based, it is very productive over water-base products, and shops do not need additional investment in equipment or training,” Camacho explains. “In summary, we offer a compliant basecoat system that shops will not need to change when legislation changes in their market, which enables large and small shops to save significant money AND get a superb refinish results. Our state-of-the-art chromatic colour tool offers a best-in-class colour matching solution, while saving valuable time for our customers. Finally, our customers enjoy being vested in a truly comprehensive product range that boasts a line-up that starts from Body-Fillers through to Top Coats, which results in better overall performance.”

Furthermore, Camacho believes Automotive Art’s customer philosophy is different because, “We do not buy shops and lock them into contracts with high prices. We want our brand to deliver value to our customer’s operations, allowing them to save money while delivering world class refinish results. In so doing our experience has been that we make our customers more profitable and competitive, and create true ambassadors for our brand, because their shops will save multiple times any upfront money given by the big brands over the course of the contract that they are locked into. We want our customers to use our products because they believe in the value and performance Automotive Art delivers; we don’t want to buy their loyalty, we want to earn it.”

Camacho encourages anyone interested in learning about or switching to Automotive Art to contact them at their toll-free number. “We have several programs to assist shops in setting up Automotive Art in their shop and in training their staff, and we will identify a jobber in their region that can supply their needs. Since our system is a user-friendly, solvent basecoat system and we offer superb colour tools to get the right colour match, the conversion is quick. A shop can be up and running with our new system in only a couple days.”

So why would you consider switching to Automotive Art’s line? According to Camacho, “Our brand delivers colour matching solutions that rivals those of the big A-brands, while delivering outstanding refinish results, saving our customers money, AND making them more competitive; surely this promise is one worth looking into?”