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Monday, 05 March 2007 07:08

B.A.R. chief delays proposed disciplinary guidelines

    California B.A.R. Chief Sherry Mehl told an industry meeting on February 23 that the B.A.R. was withdrawing disciplinary guidelines that it had filed last year pending further review of those guidelines with the CAA and other automotive industry groups. According to CAA Executive Director David McClune, “Mehl wants to work on a set of guidelines that the stakeholders and B.A.R. can agree with.”
    McClune noted that participants in the February meeting were looking for changes in the regulations that would better match penalties with the severity of the violations.  
    The proposed regulations being withdrawn were posted on the B.A.R. website www.smogcheck.ca.gov as items 96.1 through 96.4 and had to do with bringing existing regulations in line with current B.A.R. disciplinary practices. The B.A.R.’s last revision of its Guidelines for Disciplinary Penalties and Terms of Probation was in May 1997 and actual practices have changed.
    McClune noted that with this action, “The B.A.R. will have to re-file and re-notice any new guidelines and hold additional hearings on any new proposed guidelines.”