Tuesday, 24 February 2015 00:00

Team PRP Responds to Negative Parts Portrayal in CNN Report

A special investigative report recently aired on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360º” (February 11, 2015) exposing the alleged “steering” of customers by insurance companies to pre-selected “direct repair facilities.” This report alleged that insurance companies—specifically State Farm—directed repair work to facilities that made repairs with defective, unsafe used parts that minimized cost to the insurance company.

Unfortunately, in the segment’s attempt to bring to light a potentially dangerous scheme, serious reporting shortcomings left viewers with faulty and damaging assumptions concerning the automotive recycling industry and available parts.

Throughout the segment, several derogatory statements were made, referring to used repair parts as simply “junk” and “junkyard” parts. This was not an accurate or just reflection of today’s automotive recycling industry, as none of the parts shown in the CNN report were OEM Recycled parts supplied by an automotive recycler.

Team PRP would like to clarify the fact that the parts seen on that segment would never have met its own stringent quality control standards. In fact, in 2014, Team PRP facilities supplied repairers and consumers with nearly $1 billion in top quality OEM recycled parts. Their 140 facilities have truly earned the respect of insurers, repairers, and consumers alike for their premium quality parts, excellent warranties, and professional services.

Team PRP is deeply disappointed by the unbalanced and irresponsible reporting evidenced in CNN’s presentation. We echo the sentiments of the letter directed to CNN from Michael Wilson, CEO of the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA), which clearly identified several mischaracterizations and serious omissions, and asks CNN to retract their negative and erroneous depiction of recycled parts.

We wish to call upon the CNN “Anderson Cooper 360º” investigative team to present a more balanced follow-up story that not only corrects their fallacious and harmful misrepresentations, but further educates viewers on the profoundly positive impact that the automotive recycling industry has upon our global environment and the economy.

High quality recycled parts offer a tremendous value in the marketplace. And as the original “green” industry, automotive recyclers repurpose approximately 95% of discarded automobiles, which include but are not limited to, premium recycled OEM parts, all fluids, precious metals, and various other scrap materials. Team PRP members take very seriously this mission to reduce, reuse and recycle these resources.

Team PRP believes that CNN has the responsibility—and opportunity—to now rectify their harmful oversights and bring awareness to the undeniably beneficial role the professional automotive recycling industry plays.

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