Thursday, 12 February 2015 00:00

CAPA Responds to CNN Report on Body Shop Repairs

The following statement was issued on February 12 by Jack Gillis, Executive Director, Certified Automotive Parts Association, in response to the parts issues raised in a recent CNN report on body shop repairs.

"The bad news: we all know that substandard parts exist in the market.  The good news: CAPA's independent, fully transparent, non-profit, rigorous quality certification program enables shops, insurers and part distributors to identify high quality, safe, and good fitting alternative parts.  Because neither shops nor insurers can identify quality alternative parts by looking at them or depending on seller's claims, CAPA provides the market with the ability to make an informed and quality-based choice.  Shops and consumers want repairable vehicles without compromising quality, CAPA provides that option." 


“As to the broad brush disparagement of collision repair shops, clearly there are thousands of other American collision shops that do quality work and use CAPA quality parts —it’s just too bad that they weren’t part of the story.”


For further information, contact debbie@CAPAcertified.org.