Thursday, 22 January 2015 00:00

Optima Automotive Signs Video Production Deal With YDraw

Optima Automotive, a web presence management firm specializing in the automotive repair industry, has signed an exclusive deal with YDraw to produce videos that can be used on auto repair shop websites and social media accounts. These videos may also be used for local advertising campaigns.

Several video options are available, from whiteboard and blackboard video scribing, cardboard video, 2D and 3D video scribing and more.

YDraw, the #1 rated animation video company in the world, is a Utah based company that employs staff with Disney, Marvel, Warner Bros. and Cartoon  Network experience. The video services included in this partnership are script writing, initial storyboarding, artwork and design, voice over recording, final editing and  production. An example of YDraw’s videos can be found here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJ76ycnt5xc

This example video is featured on the website and social media accounts of East End Body Shop in Huntington, WV. East End is one of the first auto body shops to use YDraw, featuring this two and a half minute video on their website, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and YouTube accounts. East End Body Shop streams the video from their YouTube channel to their website, http://eastendbodyshop.com/   

“Video is predicted to be 90% of all Internet traffic before the end of the decade,” said Optima Automotive’s CEO  Mark  Claypool. “Optima wanted to be able to offer a unique way to get video online for our clients. YDraw was exactly what we were looking for and this provides a near turn-key way for repair shops to get state-of-the-art animated videos online.”

YDraw Co-Founder Curtis Pace added, “We are thrilled to be partnering with Optima Automotive. East End Body shop has seen incredible results from their  Ydraw video. Ydraw’s effective and engaging videos and Optima Automotive’s turn-key marketing system have combined together in an unmatched opportunity for the automotive industry to really cash in on video marketing success”.

According to Claypool, “80% of videos get 'Likes' on Facebook, people are 12 times more likely to share Facebook videos than text posts, 60% of people are willing to watch a full 2 minutes of video on a website or social media, and 92% of people share videos from their mobile devices. Plus, 88% of website visitors will stay on a website longer when video is used, and it can enhance your website’s visibility to search engines as well. This is why Optima wanted to bring this YDraw video capability to the automotive repair marketplace.”

For more information on this partnership, go to http://www.optimaautomotive.com/auto-repair-websites-video/ or call 888-225-6968.

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