Tuesday, 28 October 2014 17:00

DST Enhances Identifix’s Online Diagnostic Tool with Ordering Capabilities

DST, Inc. has partnered with its sister company Identifix® to enhance Identifix’s Direct-Hit®. This award-winning online diagnostic tool allows repair technicians to electronically order parts from their chosen supplier with a click of a button. With this integration, Identifix subscribers can now get live visibility into parts warehouses, parts retailers and distribution centers and place orders directly into their preferred parts suppliers' business systems for immediate pick-up and/or delivery.

Early adoption is available with general market release in January. Parts sellers who wish to take advantage of this new connection should contact their DST representative today. A demo will be available at the AAPEX Show, Nov. 4-6 in Las Vegas, at Booth #6016 (upper level).
There are currently more than 50,000 Direct-Hit users.  By integrating DST’s industry standard DST Gateway with Direct-Hit, repair technicians are now able to search DST licensed parts suppliers. The new system queries those suppliers in real-time, allowing users to find and quickly order the right part best suited for the repair.

Additionally, the integration provides Direct Quote with an integrated parts sourcing and procurement network. Within seconds, the system can return comprehensive data on parts availability, quality and pricing.

“When DST and Identifix became part of the Solera group of companies this past year, joining our technology and capabilities was a logical first step for both companies”, said Stan Gowisnock, President of DST. “Direct-Hit now brings access to more than 50,000 parts buyers to the thousands of suppliers that are part of the DST Gateway. This is a perfect example of the kind of power and innovation that the Solera Group of companies is offering to the marketplace."

“DST and Identifix are part of Solera’s InPart platform, which is designed to empower the repairer with unrestricted access to the full range of parts, accessories and suppliers during the mechanical, glass and collision repair processes,” said Jeff Sweet, President of Identifix. “The integration of the companies’ two leading products is a testament to our commitment to connecting repair technicians with the qualifying suppliers who can offer the ideal parts at the right time for the right quality and price.”